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Cubikolor is an interesting and simple puzzle game requiring you to line-up the colored sides of a cube in order to solve puzzles. In total there are 150 levels set across a number of stages which is a great and large amount. Each level presents its own separate challenge and they start off simple eventually progressing to ever more difficult stages. The earlier levels all attempt to introduce a new subject to the game so you can learn most of the variations within the levels. It's actually quite a simple, yet clean looking game with an array of bright colors and easy going displays. You would mostly just move the cube from square to square attempting to match colors, but that was just the core experience of the title and that worked rather well. It was however rather difficult at times since many of your moves come down to chance when rotating the cube around in order to hit the right spot. This creates some levels of frustrations when playing though you can go back a bit or restart the level quickly if needed since stuck spots can arise. It would have been nice to see that if you did reach an end spot that you were notified of it instead of just continuing to attempt the puzzle. Along with the completion of levels you also get a medal score and your time tracked if you'd like to work towards improving on any of your runs. Aside from my complaint on the random difficulty of making it through some levels also integrated some more rough aspects such as time constraints which made areas more frustrating than others as you'd most likely not be able to quickly solve some levels that fast.

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The Conclusion

Cubikolor can be a rather difficult and frustrating title though it's a solid puzzle game for fans of the genre. It also provides a solid amount of gameplay with long list of 150 levels that each provide their own challenges. It's also a very clean and simple game in presentation providing a relaxing environment to become angered within. It definitely looks great in design with an easy system to play to learn with some random influences for extra puzzle solving difficulty.

Cubikolor Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner