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"Human Centipede Battles"


This is certainly one of the most odd and somewhat terrifyingly hilarious games I've ever played. The general gameplay is based around controlling one end of a body and distorting it for territory control. There are four modes to be found within the game including Greedy, Halfcourt, Sleepy Time and Knockout which sounds like a solid amount though each of them plays very similar. Each of the modes revolves around controlling a central ball or balls and getting it into your zone. This is done by each player stretching their body outwards or inwards to hold onto the ball. It's basically like someone watched Human Centipede and doesn't to turn it into a sporting event. I found it quite comical to see the bodies distort and the people to clamber around the map though it was quite stupid to be honest. That aside I did like that they made is easy to play the local player with just one controller which was a nice touch and functioned well. The game also has a nice presentation to it with clean colored and simplistic environments which were nice to look at. There are also a great number of colors options for tweaking your creepy players including hairstyles and appearance which was fun I suppose. It just mostly felt like there wasn't much to the game in general and it's not something I'd particularly ever mention anyone to play.

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The Conclusion

Push Me Pull You is an odd game that definitely presents itself as one of the strangest titles that I've ever played though can provide a decent local experience. It isn't one I'd ever play again to be quite honest though I can some enjoying occasional matches and that this might be good entertainment in online videos. Other than that it functions without issues actually having some strategic elements to it with how you shift the body to move the ball. It just really didn't feel like there was much to the game in general aside from being a novelty game. I would also traditonally write a bit more to the review, but as I said there isn't a whole lot to it. You mostly just stretch your body on a pad while the dead end sits there and you crawl to move the ball around awkwardly, which is quite funny.

Push Me Pull You for Playstation 4
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Rating Overall: 5.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner