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"A Solid Workout"


Here we go with another take on the workout possibilities for Kinect. Adidas Micoach takes your training to the next level allowing to train for a selection of sports that are what I would say very popular. It also takes all the info throughout your playing and connects it to the website so you can check your stats from anywhere. It is a smooth and great extra add on for your workouts. Onto training, you have a few options of set calendar workouts for any sport you pick or even have a general training. In these you work in reps and sets attempting to gain in the differing areas within that sport. Whether one day it be for strength or the next endurance. All these workouts allow customizing or skipping for a nice and tailored experience. Aside from the main training there are conditioning workouts available to pick from if you don’t want a heavy focused workout with differing steps and levels for you to pick between. Finally there are a few mini games to choose between which are continuous and give extra time with performance in how you shoot or score. I would have to say tennis would be my personal favorite selection with an interesting first person perspective. After covering all the modes we get into the gameplay which itself is very interesting and well done. Basically you have coaches (that you pick through) and they are show with digital background showing each and every workout. It then also has a showing of you in the game so you can tell how well you are performing in comparison. There are set times for each piece of the workout, but you can jump in any time you feel ready or do more than the instructor is showing. When it comes to accuracy and performance with the Kinect it is very well done. I have a sports background playing hockey, lacrosse and soccer, so I know many workouts, yet I was still pleasantly surprised with the differing exercises I had never seen before. It was slightly weird though when the game expected me to have certain items like a ball or weights just sitting around. There is fairly much a different workout for you no matter what you sport is with DLC support to continue with more as shown with the Rugby addition, the sports included are football, soccer, basketball, tennis and running. Sadly I play hockey, which I wish it would have supported, but it does well for other sports.

Adidas MiCoach


Micoach presents a workout through Kinect in the perfect way giving you good advice and showing what to do well. You can also see yourself which is important to know how well you match. Counts your reps, tells your stats and has a decent style for you to view.

Adidas MiCoach

The Conclusion

You will get a solid workout no matter your level of sporting knowledge. Train for whatever you want whether it be sports or an overall level. Get better and do tons of differing workouts you would never have thought of. Puts you virtually in and really does a fantastic job of helping you gain through the Kinect.

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Adidas MiCoach for Xbox 360

Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner