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"Camera Guidance"


Republique on Playstation 4 takes the five episode game and puts them together into one nice package on the console. The game revolves around assisting this young girl named Hope and her escape from this totalitarian facility. You guide the character around by looking through the cameras within the facility and then moving her along when it's safe to do so. It's actually a solid stealth title and each episode builds upon each other in a differing area. I found the start of the story to also be strong painting a terrifying situation for this young girl though things did trail off a bit towards the ending episodes which was disappointing. There could have also been some better variety in the levels presented as they felt too similar throughout the game. I also had some issues with the delay within the game as you changed cameras as it should be more instant and instead took a few seconds. Other than that I thought the layouts of the levels were clever making each area feel unique even despite some weaved backtracking. The locations were always interesting and I like the amount of extra things you could find useful if you took the time to look around. It was also great not to fail for say and instead be put in a jail to continue playing along. There was also a ton of collectibles in the form of data to collect while in the cameras which could be sold for more skills at certain jail kiosks. The characters also looked great with some solid acting, yet I still found the AI guards could have been a bit more active at times.


The game certainly looks great with some sleek graphics and realistic character designs. The levels and rooms are also well designed with intricate cover to move through which was great. It was nice how Hope just naturally moved up against walls and just the amount of options for stealth movement was well done. The camera hopping system was something different to do and hacking things was an interesting mechanic for gaining money in exchange for abilities. This was sadly hampered by the slow camera switching as it makes the whole guiding system a bit sluggish and wrecks the pace. Guards could have also been a bit better as they really felt like just standard old AI that justs walks in a small line in areas. Other than that it played well with a good set of items that Hope could unleash upon people creating a two player type system controlled by one individual.

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The Conclusion

Republique is a solid stealth title which you honestly don't see that often these days and it works well despite some problems. It looks great featuring a slick futuristic style which I loved throughout and the level layouts were just intricate enough to be intriguing. The system of using the cameras in coordination with controlling the character was, but hampered with the slow loading between cameras which was disappointing. The world of game seemed interesting for the most part taking on a bit of totalitarian style to it with a well started out story that trailed off towards its ending two episodes. While the quests may also have not been too varying as far as stealth games go this is a solid title in a smaller genre of gaming.

Republique for Playstation 4
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Rating Overall: 7.7

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner