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Reagan Gorbachev Xbox One Review

"Talkin' About my Best Friend"


Mikhail Gorbachev and Reagan Gorbachev are taken as captives by an extremist military force and decide to work together in order to escape. This leads to a chain of conflict between the two as they make their way across the military complex together. Each level is small in scale and most are quick to move through. That is when things go well as other levels can take a very long time to get everything right which is extremely frustrating. Sometimes the detection of enemies seems a bit off in terms of visibility and combat with them being too alert. There also isn't much lenience in levels as enemies becoming alert usually means the end of your duo, with turrets also being an environmental factor. The two characters were neat as they're polar opposites and their chat back and forth was great to view. The game even includes a neat fact trivia area where players get a fact and choose which leader it was. This really doesn't offer much other than interesting facts between levels. The levels are also timed for a leaderboards ranking as some can be completed really quickly which when looking at the times were impressive. It's also quite the gory game which was entertaining as you blast away enemies on the path to great and escape.


The game carries a very retro look to it with over the top design and pixel graphics incorporated. It captures the two leaders quite well in this regard and creates interesting environments though they were mostly just gray in color. This lead to a mostly bland experience throughout, but the rooms were neatly set-up to create distinct travel routes. The enemy paths were more or less the same throughout the levels with only minor variations such as weapons that kept it fresh. The detection of enemies can be frustrating and the useless secondary player doesn't help at all. Playing in coop assists that matter, but playing by yourself is feels like you have a deadweight costing precious level plays. I also found the shooting system to be difficult at times with even lining up shots not hitting their mark consistently.

The Conclusion

Reagan Gorbachev is an alright title that plays decent enough if you like the style of gameplay. It can be quite frustrating most of the time as you'll need to replay levels many times usually at the fault of your stiff partner or overly alert enemies. The two lead characters were interesting with their Cold War bickering and it was nice to see them team up for a good old rampage. There will be a decent amount of gameplay present for you to enjoy, but that depends on your ability to swiftly move through the levels.

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Rating Overall: 5.5

Reviewed by: Jason Stettner

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