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Factotum 90 Review

"Dual Robots"


Something has collided with your ship trapping you with many of the systems offline. You do however get in contact with someone else in the ship that provides assistance while you control these two robot walkers. The game is shown in a dual display style which shows both walkers on the screen at once with some other hud. It's actually really interesting to play a game that's split like this since very few take on this type of game though it worked well when controlling the bots. The story is based around trying to figure what happened to the ship while getting the life support going across a total of thirty levels. Each of the levels can be just a couple minutes though that really depends on good you're at solving the puzzles so it may take longer on some than others. It does a great job of keeping things simple as you're mostly trying to move the room around in order to progress though there can be times where the puzzle may take you extra time to solve. There's also a good selection of things you'll need to manipulate such as boxes or buttons to move forward in the room. Despite the levels being described as short the game still feels like a full experience and a solid campaign length.


It's really simple in terms of gameplay as you just switch between the two robots on the screens and click a button to activate or move something occasionally. Everything runs smoothly and the time between levels is brief with only a quick bit of chat from your guide to get the level started. The game also has somewhat of an old style in terms of old fuzz coming across the screen and it sort of retains that VHS movie feel I want to say. Can't quite get the words to explain it though it's great for the game and matches the whole Sci-Fi element very well. The puzzles were well done without anything being too difficult to tackle.

The Conclusion

Factotum 90 is an interesting game that really sets itself from other titles with the unique way it has you solve puzzles. I also really liked the presentation of the game in terms of its look and performance as the two blended really well together. The dual screen aspect and control of the two separate robots is well done with some interesting mechanics present to make your way across the ship. The story was also interesting and with the thirty levels it felt like a full experience which always important. It was an enjoyable experience that kept the pace good with levels being fairly quick and nothing being too difficult to solve.

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Rating Overall: 7.0

Reviewed by: Jason Stettner

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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