Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Review

"The Chief returns once again in his original adventure, 10 years later "


Halo, the ring of mystery. Cortana did all she could to escape the covenant on the Pillar of Autumn, but their ships were always faster. You then become the Master Chief and it is your job to get Cortana off the Autumn. You are a basically a super human machine that has a nice overshield for protection. Venture across the ring of Halo, filled with wonder and a vastly differing environments. Make your way around using a large variety of vehicles and make use of your teammates that will hop in to assist you. Use your vast collection of lethal weapons, both human and covenant to make quick waste of your opponents. After 10 years you may once again experience the story and the start of the chiefs journey. The game comes packed with the classic version you know and love, along with a completely remastered one, which looks fantastic. Along with that is the awesome ability to have a friend from Xbox Live join you. Along with the shiny new add ons there is Kinect support allowing you to say certain phrases and the game will do it, like grenade or reload, although there is a slight delay which could mean life or death. You can also scan items in the game by saying scan and then view extra info in the menus. Make your way through the abandoned forerunner structures to discover the true purpose of the ring and the horrors within.

Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary


The game comes packed with an additional 6 multiplayer maps and a Firefight map that can be added to your Halo Reach game, these are a combination of favorites from Halo and Halo 2. All done in HD and ready for Reach combat. Online coop is also available for you and a friend to take on the covenant in the story together.


Right of the start you will notice that this is remastered, not redone. It was awesome for me to experience it looking new, but playing like it did back in the day. It does feel quite aged if you are a newcomer, but that’s what it was like in the day!

Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary

The Conclusion

If you even relatively like Halo, this is a must purchase. Don’t know the story of Master Chief?, Well get this. It may feel old, but it brings back some of the best memories. Relive the story that started it all, and here we are ten years later buying the Anniversary. Its rather magical. Also it is pretty cheap and has all these fantastic features!

Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Box Art

Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary for Xbox 360

Rating Overall: 9.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner