Lovely Planet Xbox One Review

"I Wanna Love You"


I was slightly late to checking out Lovely Planet on PC, but I still absolutely loved the game when I did finally get to play it. Flash forward awhile in time and Lovely Planet is finally available Review on Xbox One as the game is just perfect for the console. It's a lovely and wacky first person shooter that takes the elements of speedrunning to the max. The game is split into multiple area chapters and each of these has a fair amount of levels within them. They follow a theme, but things are still largely the same environmentally throughout the entirety. Each level is meant to be finished as fast as possible with an intense scoring system and leaderboard to constantly push you. It really does do a great job of challenging players to do better and generally pass the levels. From there it's a matter of replaying over and over in order to hit time targets. Within the worlds you'll need to take out the hostiles while not hitting friendly blocks or missing the rigorous parkour sections. The friendly blocks are also quite funny with their expressions and death sounds as they occasionally get in the cross fire. Things become crazy quickly in the game and can at times be very hardcore so be weary of that.


It's got great first person shooter controls which feel great and the rush of moving through the levels quickly is crazy. It's a perfect game for hardcore players and those that enjoy speedrunning titles. The environments are simple, yet ever elegant with their weird palette of colors and general loveliness to them. The soundtrack is also fantastic across your running experience and always brings a smile to the player. It also works well with the controller compared to a keyboard and in general runs very well on the consol space.

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The Conclusion

Lovely Planet is really a lovely game that has great speed and intense first person shooting action. The environments are simple, yet still great at the same time and it's a calmly aggravating game. There's so much replaying necessary, but the rewards are great when you finally finish with a great time score. It's all about find the best way to move through the various spaces and I loved how things were constantly being mixed up. This was great as each level brought its own challenges and tested the player in new ways. Even despite some frustration on levels it was still a great time with a very lovely game.

Lovely Planet Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 8.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner