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Laserlife Review

"We Remember You"


Laserlife is a game based around the life of a person and the humanity behind it. While it's not very long, as is intended with the one playthrough in a sit done focus it was still a decent showing of humanity. Within the game you're attempting it string together memories of this decaying human skeleton as futuristic beings through three stages of memory. It's quite an interesting process that mixes a good beat and array of visuals together at once which was constantly appealing. There was also a great deal of focus on inputting events throughout the memories so you could see just what the life of this astronaut was like. Within the game there were three sections of life which had a number of memories between them and it all did follow a narrative path. I finished playing through the entire thing in under two hours though I did go back and play some more so I'm unsure how much was the straight play amount. Still, with the amount I played I enjoyed it and felt that anymore might have gotten boring or too far from the original point.


The game looked really great in the visual department and the music or just almost beats as I would put it felt good in combination of the gameplay. It's essentially a rhythm based game almost where shapes fly across the screen that you interact with using this wavy space lines. That sounds ridiculous, but is the best way I can explain the gameplay. This is done in three phases with the first having a couple shapes added over time, the second phase is almost the same though you're moving through portions and the final area has you dodging these walls. It all leads into an explosion of memory as you make energy waves flow around the astronaut and then a final memory appears. This is repeated across all the levels as things speed up with only minor changes throughout so it flows well without a fatigue.

The Conclusion

While Laserlife really wasn't too long and I'm unsure if I would go back to play it again I did quite enjoy my playthrough of the title. The designs of the levels were neat and it kept me attentive for the entire time I was playing through it. There were great moments of humanity and story despite having no spoken or written words with this title being more of a visual adventure. With those visuals being a defining part of the game as you focused on the regular shapes to continue, but there were always so many things to distract you in the background. Definitely a unique title that delivers in a different way from others that keeps the focus on story.

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Rating Overall: 7.2

Reviewed by: Jason Stettner

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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