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Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime Review

"Shimmering Cosmos"


The universe has found the rightful system of love which spreads across the universe and connects everything. The center of this love is a massive heart installation, things are great and mostly run by these love bunny creatures. Then the darkness attached one day to destroy everything and even infected the constellations for some reason. It sounds strange to hear those sentences though it does set up the plot and gets you going. Lovers is a space adventure game meant for a couple, well two people also works and an individual if you don't have friends... Anyways, I played the game in solo mode where you're given a companion animal which is also controlled by you and did some cooperative play after to collect extra bunnies. Within each world your goal is to collect enough bunnies so that a heart portal opens and you can escape. These bunnies are always locked in cages and some are even guarded by menacing creatures you need to take out. Fear not though, your ship is equipped with a large array of weapons that make it comical looking. You have guns in all positions; a driving spot, a shield to deflect bullets, a mapping room, a secret special gun and your team. It's actually quite a lot to control by yourself and can be overwhelming at times to coordinate your play and the AI assistant. Even in coop play it's all hands on deck constantly as players shift around the ship. The story itself was actually decent while being entertaining though rather short. This was disappointing as I finished in a couple hours of playing, each level is basically a sequence of five stages with a constellation boss battle. It's one of those short, yet sweet games and it can be difficult as well at times.


The system of control and movement was perfectly done to create constantly tense moments. Every time enemies show up or certain obstacles appear players will shift around in order to deal with the oncoming threat. Controls were simple enough for everyone to understand and there's many assists out there in space to help you. My favorite part of the game aside from flying the ship itself was moving through the various environments. They have a parallax effect going on and every level area features a differing environment theme. Space looks gorgeous out there and it can be such a peaceful backdrop during the quiet portions of exploration. I also liked that using gem gifts in various combinations created some unique turret combinations. These gem gifts appeared frequently and really mixed up play, was also interesting that they reset with every campaign area.

The Conclusion

I thought Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime was almost perfect aside from the short length and difficulty at times. While it's one of those short, yet sweet titles I felt it was still a strong game that was a blast to play. The worlds look great with brightened colors showing they weren't afraid to use the color palette like other games these days. It's definitely one of the best space controlling games and is perfect for local cooperative play. I'd definitely suggest checking out this title as it was just a blast and looked beautiful the entire time.

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Rating Overall: 9.2

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