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Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Review

"Blocks come to Win10"


Minecraft exists in many ways at this point across almost all platforms, though it's time to bring those altogether in one complete package with Windows 10 Edition. The point of this version is to create a base point for other versions to connect with each other. At this point we're in the beta, so basically right at the start of the game with many future aspects to come. I'm reviewing this as is since Minecraft is always changing, it's best to give it a score at the start with what's available from the get go and just cover the changes in other articles. Let's dig into what's special about this version and what's available for everyone to currently enjoy. Things are largely the same for iteration in comparison to the current pocket edition. Many of the base animals, enemy creatures and objects are largely the same. Coming from the consoles version as my primary crafting creatures are basically the same except some new zombie types and various new fish to catch. When it comes to textures within the world they've added Acacia Trees; smooth paths, large scale desert biomes with red sand and a new version of forests with differing dirt. I'm sure there will be more smaller changes depending on what platform you're coming from, but those were what I noticed.

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The core of the game is also largely the same as other versions with survival and creative being the two currently supported modes. Survival is the usual mode of choice for players since you just try to live the best you can in this massive and expanding world. With creative you're just playing with all the blocks within the game to build whatever you want, it's more a LEGO sandbox of fun. Functions of Xbox also carry onto the game including DVR capabilities, achievements and potential easy invites across the versions. For me it was easy to get into this version having played Minecraft on basically every platform so I don't think it'll be hard for anyone to get into, unsure if the Java PC Minecraft players will like this since it's behind in updates and features. I feel moving forward this could be a good connected platform start.


Minecraft is basically a game of surviving while crafting and building in the empty natural world. Everything is block form, a general well known aspect of what makes Minecraft unique. Crafting in this version is done with the traditional Java system which requires you to learn recipes which can be difficult for some. The game can be played in literally every way from the keyboard, to touch and even Xbox controllers if you choose. This makes it easily accessible no matter where you come from which is great, it takes what you know and allows you to use it with others that may be more comfortable with a differing system. When it comes to the world this are generally the same though I've noticed mass issues with the world chunks (large squares of land) loading weirdly where there's strange square water pocket areas or areas loading over other ones. This caused mountains to splice over the land and weird high level areas spawning over other biomes. Also had a number of crashing moments for the game and other minor elements missing.

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The Conclusion

While this version definitely has great potential promise, the current beta version is just a hashed up version of what we've also played. I'll probably revisit with another review when it fully launches if it ever does since Minecraft is always evolving. There are many world generating issues present across the landscape and a number of missing elements that people desire. There's currently no cross-play, way to play with others easily and other in-game enjoyments are missing. For those looking towards getting something less complex than PC, but something that they can learn other versions of the game from than this is a perfect place. For those that are feeling fatigue of this multi-platform block fest than there really isn't much extra here from what you've already played. At this point the latest version looks towards bring a unified experience for players, but for now it's just at a humble start.

Review Done on Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

Rating Overall: 7.3

Reviewed by: Jason Stettner

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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