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"Some Kart Racing"


It's time to hit the beach for some intense kart racing which has finally made its way to Xbox. I never actually realised how much the console lacked some sort of casual karting game and this definitely did fill that void. I did however find it to feel almost too much like a mobile port as that's where the game comes from though the targeted audience will care little about that aspect. The levels are split into racing cups and then smaller races in-between them which vary in goals. Some are your traditional multiple lap races while others are elimination or head to head amongst others. This adds some great variety across the various levels and you're also rated out of three stars depending on where you place which unlocks additional levels to progress through. These level areas are also divided by CC and you upgrade cars over time to differing leagues and of course configure their features. I mean this in terms of tuning them by spending coin on more top speed or better acceleration. There's a bunch of differing areas to race on throughout the campaign which has great length though an online multiplayer area would have been fantastic which is disappointing.


Much of the game takes place on beach like areas as you race on by the various locales. You definitely see more scenery than just beaches though that's where a bunch of the driving time is spent on. Within the levels there are also wild life creatures to hit when driving about or palm trees among other things to smash into. The graphics really weren't all that great and slightly disappointing, though the casual audience will not care for that at all. This is all aside from the other drivers rolling around and collecting power-ups. The power-ups are spread all over the level at certain place points just like in Mario Kart for you to collect. They range from destructive messing your opponent up or speed boosts really. You would never guess how many times the damn AI took me out a few meters away from the finish line, arg! There's also a great local splitscreen section which holds up to six players so if you have friend there can be some great action.

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The Conclusion

Beach Buggy Racing is a great title for the console and fills a definite void that no one else has been aiming for. There's great length in the campaign and definitely a ton to do. The splitscreen is neat if you have that many friends though honestly online multiplayer would have been great. It also clearly looks like a port since the graphics don't stretch quite that well to the big screen though it won't bother the targeted group at all. Many will definitely enjoy this more casual, yet aggressive racing title for their console.

Beach Buggy Racing Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 6.8

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner