Goat Simulator Review

"Live Like a Goat, Once More"


It was just about over a year ago that I first experienced life as a goat. Now it's different being a goat then a person, for some reason you have a long tongue that can help you life massive objects like rocks or people. You also are on all fours with a taste of destruction using your head to hit things and people just don't seem to care what you do. Welcome to Goat Simulator for the consoles, featuring two maps from the PC version. The game is honestly very strange along with being quite ridiculous and lacking any sort of real direction. It's more or else just a fun experience you play for a good chunk of hours as you explore, destroy things and look for the many secrets packed into the levels. We'll start with the original mini housing area which is just filled with things to do and was the base for the original game. In this little area there's great variety in what you can do from becoming Queen of the Goats, turn into a satanic goat or an angel to just name a few. It's essentially just a cluster of mini type events to partake in though after awhile it will get boring and there's not much reason to return in that regard. Moving on from the small town there's also the much larger city like environment. This follows basically the same planning of this sandbox do what you like environment, yet with a larger scale to it. Go clubbing on a roof, visit the Ninja Turtles or buy hats with much more hidden throughout this landscape. I don't mean to really get down on anything in the game as it's fun and what I essentially spent a day on Xbox One just doing. Everyone that passed by in my house thought it was strange and rather wild as well.


Everything in Goat Simulator is fairly much a straight port from the PC with no added features except for the really well done multiplayer experience. Splitting the game into four screens of crazy local Goat Simulation multiplayer was fun. It's the same sort of mayhem, just with more goats causing mass destruction. The game is still rather buggy, though that's somewhat in the description. I was just expecting it to be a little more cleaned up for consoles and I did notice certain heavy destruction areas did cause some frame drops though it really runs smooth for the vast majority of time. Aside from doing usually goat things you can also dip into slow motion and pull of some sick goat moves or just manipulate the environment, that was fun. Finally I'll mention the mutators which allow you to mutate the goat in differing ways depending on your unlocks which makes for some fun times.

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The Conclusion

When playing Goat Simulator, you're really getting what you expect to pay for which is a crazy and ridiculous game of being a goat. You destroy things, essentially kill people and just generally by goaty. It's fun for what it provides, just hope they bring in additional content in the future via DLC as it will get stale quite quickly compared to PC where there's mod content for the game. Still, a solid offering and exactly what you expect it to be.

Goat Simulator Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner