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The Walking Dead Season Two Review

"Not Bitten!"


After completing the first season of The Walking Dead game from Telltale I began making my way through a second playthrough of Season 2. Previously I had played it on PC without the events of the first one and this time around it was greatly benefitted from that first season information being there. The story continues where the first game left off and things have definitely changed. The main character which you play as is Clementine this time around so things are different. You're no longer a strong adult in the world and are a much younger girl which will show many times throughout the the five episodes. Despite being rather mature due to situation and having grown up a bit, there are still moments which make you feel in place and things can be out of your control. After all the events previous you're out there by yourself and eventually you run into a new group. The whole universe centers around these reactions and then the choices you make in each situation. Your say matters and every decision will factor into what happens as the episodes progress. Five episodes are packed into this package though yet again I'll say it's disappointing seeing them still split up and thrown into a bundle. Watching credits is fine, it's just annoying to have them run every episode and still play preview/ending cutscenes instead of streamlining it all together.


Season Two retains its cartoon/comic style graphics though they look greatly improved this time around compared to the first season in terms of how clean and solid they are. There were a great deal more of stutters this time which ruined some tense moments, though I won't take too much away from that. Decisions are much more emotional this time around and decisions are very wide spread now. The cutscene point and click play is still intact with the actual gameplay being much better this time around with less clings on the environment around you. Once again it would have been nice to have Kinect added for voice options or maybe something to make it feel like everything was just thrown together for resale.

The Conclusion

Playing as Clementine do whatever you can to survive in this aged and ever harsh world of The Walking Dead. Things have changed, but your past decisions and present ones will stick. It's interesting where they will go on from the end of this all and I was glad to catch up with both season on the next generation. It's a fairly cheap bundle filled with many hours of gameplay that anyone can enjoy without much difficulty. For completionists it's also an easy playthrough to unlock all the achievements. Decisions are rough in this world and will most certainly test what you can handle from the perspective of a strong young child. Moments are everything and the road only opens more as you play.

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Rating Overall: 8.8

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner