Realm Royale Best Weapons Guide to Victory

In Realm Royale there are many tools to use as you aim to try and win the battle royale genre matches. Despite there being a large variety, I'm focusing specifically on what you shoot with while playing this free to play game. With that, I've put together a Realm Royale best weapons guide to victory so that you can get the best items to claim a win out there on the battlefield.

First off, everyone starts with a basic dagger so it's key to get anything fast. After that point, there are specific weapons that can really help tip the scales of warfare in your favor. It's better to win obviously, no one wants to lose and you probably would like to be the last person standing by the end of the match.
Realm Royale Best Weapons Guide to Victory Screenshot
The first gun I often try to get is the rifle, it packs a punch over distance or even at close range. It's really powerful and a great option to shoot multiple times without a reload. The second choice is the Bolt Staff as it's both powerful, and carries a large clip. It works well close, or over a distance and allows you to really unload upon enemies. The final choice I'll mention is the heavy crossbow. It's a slower item, but deals nasty damage and can truly deliver over a distance.

It's alright when close, but you may want something with a faster fire rate. It's also best to get green or higher tier ratings for these. There are a number of rarity tiers; Common (White), Rare (Green), Epic (Purple) and Legendary (Yellow). Check out our hub area below or read the preview for further coverage.

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