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Pure Farming 2018 Review

"Variety Farming"


There's certainly no shortage of farming simulations out there these days as it's apparently a big draw for players. Whatever the case, Pure Farming 2018 aims to do something different and presents this aspect in an interesting way. You get the traditional farming elements as you tend to your crops, collect some animals and then sell whatever you produce. That's typical however, to expand upon that with this take on the genre you can travel, invest in modern resources and generally just enjoy an expanded selection of things to do. It's quite impressive that you can change your location and get a fresh set of crops to harvest.

The secondary areas aren't quite as large as the core section, but still a nice extra. With Pure Farming 2018 you get a general free farm where you can set an amount of starting money and go wild, but there are other interesting options. They've presented a full campaign with a back story that seems modern enough and is a good attempt at trying to tell a narrative with this type of game. To the side of that is a challenge mode if you're looking to really have your farming skills tested to the max.


It's a hardcore farming game meaning the pace can be damn slow and it aims to provide an authentic experience. At some point I'll find a more casual game of the genre, but this is not for those people that just want a fun time. There's work here, but it's incredibly detailed so I'm sure fans of this game type will appreciate the effort. Take all the steps in a regular farm experience as you plant, cut, collect and then sell your crops. Use a plethora of vehicles with ever so many crop types to grow whatever you'd like to. Do this across multiple distinct regions and grow native crops of the place.

It handles generally well and the vehicles felt realistic as did the many animals you care for while mastering that animal husbandry. Most aspects are controlled through a tablet and I liked that integration. The visuals are alright, I was actually a bit disappointed with the Xbox One X settings. It can look fine, but awful at others times. There's not much of a draw distance and it just doesn't look that great overall. I get there are many finer tuned technical aspects yet I still desired more for the quality of the textures.
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The Conclusion

If you're looking for an expanded farming simulation then this is an excellent option for just that. It brings a global attitude that helps expand the offerings and crops that you can tend to. The worlds are expansive and full of activities for whatever you'd like to do. Run solar farms, grow regular wheat or get a greenhouse full of cabbage. Wrestle with chickens, grow your pigs or just walk around. There are a pile of authentic vehicles and tasks to complete which is all guided by a handy tablet. It's a great way to manage things and it helps make the game feel modern. It's a solid entry in the genre expanding upon what's available and doing things differently. I found it somewhat slow, yet that's part of what makes it something that aims to properly capture the experience.

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Pure Farming 2018 Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner