Playstation E3 2018: What to Expect

I'm not too sure what to expect from Playstation at E3 2018, I'm assuming there might be some surprises this time around. I wasn't too blown away by the showcase last year, their pre-party area was great as usual yet the show felt underwhelming. There were some highlight moments and interesting reveals, it just felt toned down while being rather short. I'm mostly comparing that to the years prior which were rather crazy. That being said, I imagine there will be some heavy hitters there this time.

When it comes to the show floor they'll have a large presence on the core area and in meeting rooms. With Xbox off the floor there's extra space and I would expect Playstation to take a very large setup. They'll probably keep their app sign-up system for checking the presentations out with some smaller games sprinkled on the floor again. I hope they bring back the mascots, that was a fun touch. Moving on, I'll go over what I believe might be showcased during their reveal presentation. God of War E3 2018 Screenshot
For context I've attended the last two Playstation E3 conferences and events, they put on a good party usually. I'll never forget the holy donut wall, but time to focus. We'll definitely see a release date for Days Gone for 2019. Spiderman will have some gameplay that helps paint more of a picture in terms of the narrative. That should be a fun one, releasing this year. I would say Ghost of Tsushima would make an appearance, though perhaps small. The two heaviest hitters The Last of Us: Part II and Death Stranding would probably get full reveals taking a large portion of time. At the least you'll see some sort of trailer that gives more context into either of the releases. It would be an unlikely surprise to see them release this year, I'd say 2019 or 2020. If one is releasing in 2019 you'll see a larger portion of time dedicated to it.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake might have more details displayed, yet it could be showcased at the Square Enix conference. If Shenmue III is coming in the near future it'll be showcased, at least a mention of the progress. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will be there showcasing the zombies mode, part of their marketing deal. It's tradition to show campaign footage, but since this one doesn't have it they'll substitute the zombies in. I'm heavily guessing some sort of remaster with it, Modern Warfare 2 as rumored with just the campaign which will be super odd. Suppose that's to help keep the community less splintered as they saw what happened with Modern Warfare Remastered and Infinite Warfare.

There will probably be more surprises, I'm not too sure at this point. You'll see another push of Playstation VR, doubt there will be a revamp of the hardware whether that's headset or console. A selection of Indie games will be pushed quickly as usual. I believe that about covers everything I've heard as of recent or really expect to be there. Get ready to be surprised however, whether that's with a calmer presentation again or one that brings it up a notch.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner