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"Williams Pinball Volume 1 Tables"

The Tables

This latest Pinball FX3 Williams Pinball Volume 1 tables pack provides three remastered options and a free one. This is based on the group's brand new access to a fresh set of licenses. These tables feature a modern version of each table and a classic one with easy changing to choose either. It's a great collection of these old school original tables and they handle quite well.

They certainly feel a bit different in comparison to the modern ones, but they're a nice change-up with solid variety. To start, there's the "Fish Tales" which is the free option to get into this pack. It features a wild fisherman as an animated character and one on the table. It's bright, colorful and has some distinct over top lanes for ball travel. The next map is "The Getaway" which is designed to emulate the style of a hot rod car in a getaway situation. It has all sorts of neat little details and a fun theme to what's going on within it.
Pinball FX3 Willams Volume 1 Fish Tales Table

Next up is Junk Yard which is a more wacky style of a setup featuring weird designs and strange mechanics. It features a far back area with ramps to either side and a party section in the middle to tap the ball into. The bottom area is open, which most of these tables carry as a design. Must have just been the thing for these setups in that era.

The final map in this pack is my personal favorite of the grouping. This is the Medieval Madness where a large dragon can come swooping in spreading fire. It's crazy and carries a very unique look capturing this strange aesthetic. It definitely presents the time well with neat markings lining the way to the back ramp areas. Pinball FX3 Volume 1 The Getaway Table

The Conclusion

The Pinball FX 3 Williams Pinball Volume 1 is a great package of tables presenting a variety of themes from a rich history of the activity. These are all beautifully remastered with an option to play them just like they were back in the day, or to enjoy them with the benefits of the modern systems. You can have fully animated characters or enjoy those original standard designs as they were intended to be played.

It feels authentic and it's great to see the option for those that want the choices. There's a good selection of tables here, the Medieval Madness was my favorite of them. I thought the dragon and theme were just too awesome. There's some neat styles here, providing something for everyone. It's nice to see the variety here as it's a good break from the usual licensed releases.

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