PES 19 E3 2018 Preview

PES 19 is the latest entry in this long running Football/Soccer simulation that aims to once again enhance the experience and bring in many new partnerships. While I was at E3 2018 I saw a theater presentation on new features and then was able to play a number of short games to get an idea of how the experience is shaping up. First off PES 2019 is current generation only to have better visual support and enhancements. The release date is set for August 28th, 2018 in the Americas. It will be the biggest addition of licenses ever with exclusive legends joining the fold.

This aspect is displayed best by their work with David Beckham for a special edition and to include a fresh scanned 2018 edition of him into the game. When it comes to what's new content wise there will be fresh leagues for Russia; Belgium, Scotland, Denmark, Switzerland and more. This will follow with over 40 stadiums at launch with new stadiums releasing for free throughout the year. In capturing players there will be magic moments and player individuality. Certain players have special traits and this plays into general smaller tweaks to how the sport runs.
PES 19 Screenshot
The best display of tweaks is the visible fatigue, players will look tired and that will have in-game effects. One example was given that players could get injured more likely while tired. Other features are quick subs and a smoother contextual trapping system. The dribbling has been reworked and the distance setup has been improvement. This will matter when it comes to handling the ball and how players will interact with it. There are new shooting mechanics based on the player location and the ball balancing. When it comes to visual improvements it will be Xbox One X enhanced and PS4 Pro'd with 4k dynamic resolution and HDR support.

They have a new lighting software with this that will help replicate actual shadows and light, this changes as the game progresses. Snow weather effects are present and MyClub has been reworked. That mode now includes card packs, have to collect those microtransactions I suppose. The Master League will have a three year setup and improvement. There's more to come and PES 19 is looking good. I played a few matches and had a good time with it. The weather variants are great and everything handles well feeling as though it presents the sport in a great way. I look forward to hopefully trying out the full release and getting a better idea of the larger scale since I was shown a small portion of just exhibition matches.

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