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"Bloody and Messy"


Explained within a small comic segment you play as a girl who's lover has become a hat that she wears and together they're attempting to fix themselves. It's a rather odd start, but I suppose it makes some sense to a minimal degree. Anyways, after that's established you get put into a tutorial level of sorts to blast your way into the regular world hub. This section is where you get some choice in the levels you play though you'll need to beat a certain amount in order to progress further and there are worlds of sorts as levels continue themselves along with additional hubs to move onto eventually. The levels themselves carry a very awkward shade of grey with red and tons of noise going over it all. This was less artistic and more annoying as you could barely see what was happening as that was important due to the difficulty of many areas. There were also a number of references found within the game which was perhaps in too high a quantity and also a score amount for you to be graded on at the end. It was mostly just a blast your way through the areas sort of game with some areas requiring kill amounts to continue so you may need to backtrack if you like to speed through levels. Going back to gameplay I thought the characters were neat with some simple controls, but it was still quite hard to visible see what was going on.

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The Conclusion

I Want to be Human was a decent title I want to say though nothing particularly exciting or interesting to play as it felt painfully generic with a hard to see world. The story was neat and getting small bits of story throughout was nice though I still felt that wasn't built on very much. For the hardcore crowd they may enjoy playing through the challenge this one can provide, yet for everyone else I found it not very exciting or interesting to play. I'm usually someone that's open for displays of artistic design in games though the color scheme mostly hurt this title. I also wish there was just a bit more to it as I just ran through killing the required enemies without caring too much for anything aside from the nice blood splatters of enemies.

I Want to be Human for PC
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Rating Overall: 5.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner