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Western Press Review

"Looks Like we Have a Stand-Off"


Western Press is a simple, yet very competitive title that has one player battle another at a time to the death. This can either be done in a singular round or in multiple depending on the scenario. The goal of the game is to see which player as the fastest finger trigger. This is done by the game displaying a set of combinations on either side of the screen for players to mash away at. You're obviously trying your best to beat the other opponent and you'll need to also be careful as wrong combinations can cause time penalties that are extremely decisive in that final tally towards death. The game is also very open towards the allowance of either the keyboard or the controller, despite being very comfortable typing I'm just much better at buttons mashing so I always went with that. There's a campaign present in the game which gives a selection of mini battles to compete in though this is mostly practice for the tournaments which are the core of the title. These are up to sixteen player games that can be battled with a combination of real players or bots if needed. It's quite hectic and very tense as any moment could be your last in this poker board focused matching system. I felt some good excitement watching others battle and tension whenever I need to compete which was great. There are also a good number of levels present which match the time of the game well and I was happy with the creative sets they chose. You also get to choose between a number of great characters that each had their own quirks as that was fun and the pixel art style had great detail which was nice.

Western Press PC

The Conclusion

Western Press is a very simple title without a ton to it, but the aspects it does carry are solid. This is a nice little party game that you can play locally with friends or online if you'd like and it doesn't take too long to move through a tournament. It definitely fills that party game niche well and is great for small bits of tension mixed with periods of relaxation. I had a decent time playing it for a bit and in small bursts I'll continue to give it a play every once and awhile. I'll especially be back to check it out once people get building some Steam Workshop Mods as I'm sure the game will be even more crazy when the community gets their hands on things. Still, a solid game for tense match-ups with a great theme of the old west.

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Rating Overall: 7.5

Reviewed by: Jason Stettner

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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