Primordia Review

"Point and Click in a Robotic Future"


Basically you are a hermit robot individual that has a floating little side-kick. Controlling both individuals you move around the world and locations in the old style format of selecting items in order to continue or solve puzzles. The depth of puzzle challenge varies through the game from simplistic to some slightly more difficult ones with multiple steps. Whatís really neat is the what you would say crappy graphics that are old bit style, but look really good. It's presented in a nice format that works well with the game and gives every little piece of each area a special detail. The sound also works well with the game carrying a decent mood as you progress visiting the differing areas of this long destroyed post-apocalyptic robotic world. I do somewhat question the robots need of human type things since they are well robots, yet then again the main character is essentially a human with armor in my opinion. Will also note that there isnít a tutorial to help you through or really any extra hinting so relatively you are on your own to figure things out. It really isnít too difficult, though at times you may become hopelessly lost depending on how adapt you are to the genre. To clarify the little flying companion will provide the occasional clue which brings me to the interesting voice acting between the characters. It was actually well done and presented throughout the game.



The graphics are beautiful for their design. They may look olden style, but you can really tell that there was deep detailed thought within every environment. The clicking movements and works of everything in the game is well done. The environment is responsive and really an interesting sight, for me even more enjoying a apocalyptic locale.


The Conclusion

Become the lone scraper Horatio on his forced quest to find his stolen power core. Make your way through the guided game completing puzzles and exploring the beautiful world. Just remember the final decision can vary your ending so you may want to save to get the chosen one or explore the possibilities! You will get a fair bit of playtime and really enjoy the quest across this somewhat future world.
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Rating Overall: 8.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner