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"Simple Farming"


As of recent I've been on the search for a decent farming simulator title and this another one of the titles in my chosen list to check out. Our Love will Grow takes the basic styles of a Harvest Moon title and keeps it simple. It has all the complex number of systems present within farming games, but somehow still manages to keep it easy for players to understand which is great. On the flip side of that it lacks some of the deeper editing and customization settings that many players enjoy when trying these sorts of games. You're stuck with the generic starting character without any editing options, there are no naming abilities and it really just stays the same. While this was disappointing to some degree and hindered some of the experience it still nails farming and other activities. It's got great repetition which is important for games like this and still has a wide variety of activities to participate in. This includes things like hanging out at town parties, cooking food, mining and catching fish to name a few. Also as with the title of the game it does have a full love system where you can do certain actions, events and give gifts to woo one of the many eligible women available in the town. Then of course over time, your love will grow!


The game is very simple in taking advantage of only some keyboard combinations to do everything which is splendid for simplicity. The down side of that is there really isn't any custom settings for things like the screen resolution or remapping anything and saving is just done by sleeping which makes sense I suppose. It really does keep things basic, but it just works well as once you have a flow going life becomes simple on the farm. Doing the entire system of planting a crop is just a few button presses and that was absolutely fine for me. The game does have a pixel look to it that I'm sure is not for everyone, but I found it charming with some really lovely areas across the map to explore to. I do wish there was a bit more guidance when first starting out, though you will pick up how everything works rather quickly.

Our Love Will Grow PC

The Conclusion

Our Love Will Grow is a great simple and cheap farming simulator that I'm sure many can enjoy. If these types of games are your favorite then you will definitely appreciate the game and some of the humor presented in the game. It looks nice, but do wish it had a little more complexity and editing sections in order to make it more personal. While I certainly loved having the cows run around and brushing it, it would be nice to give that animal a name. This is a great game to kill time with, especially if you like farming simulator and Harvest Moon like games. It's crazy how time can pass by so quickly while you're trying to reach farm goals or woo your chosen love interest and I never ran out of new activities to try out.

Our Love Will Grow for PC
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Rating Overall: 7.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner