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Tryst Review

"New Colony, Alien Problems"


Tryst is another take on RTS having the setting of a colony that has had previous history of war and conflict, now having aliens that are advancing. So basically things are not looking good and you are here to intervene. There are a few levels in the campaign to play which offer some varying landscapes and interestingly detailed environments. I will note that the length the campaign together is fairly low, yet also you are faced with quite random jumps in difficulty randomly. Though back to the gameplay it is fairly simple towards pointing, clicking and strategically completing objectives whenever you can. Feels like it sticks into the genre well offering the traditional level objectives like capturing a point, defending someone or taking out a certain building. The story to some extent didn’t really grab me and keep much interest. Characters were fairly neat in the game jabbering some random stuff, at times they were slightly annoying also. As is also usual you will command various troops that each have a differing set of skills or useful abilities on the battlefield, like medics and such. I mean when it really comes down to it it’s all about taking what you are given each level and working to build more or take places. I will give it that the campaign levels do have a nice quick haste to it, giving it somewhat of a standout in comparison to other titles of the such. Will finally note that I had some crashes when I tried to load saves during a failed objective, so that was not quite enjoyable.


What should stand out as a strong point in games of this style is the multiplayer, working in pairs or doing small individual battles. Strategy and points are very important, though this whole system is dashed by a lack of online community with very little games being played, if you can get some friends the online can be very interesting. So without that I will suggest doing the skirmish mode, that may be less as exciting without others, but is quite enjoyable fielding the same maps and hours of gameplay opportunity.


Like other games of the genre you will build bases, collect resources of power and ore, then pump out troops. It is a lot faster pace than other games making troops fly back and forth. Aside from that there is the upgrading tree to make your units more powerful or have extra bonus abilities. It is also really interesting how certain units can be used to build buildings while the home base builds others. Tryst plays fine in style and has interesting details throughout the environment to complain little about those factors.

The Conclusion

Tryst has great strength in skirmish matches providing hours of time, but if you are looking for a story to get into you may want to search elsewhere. Multiplayer has the potential for intense strategies, it just lacks the players to support it. It really is hit and miss here with the game performing well enough to get some enjoyment out of it.

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Review Done on Tryst for PC

Rating Overall: 6.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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