Heckabomb Review

"Colorful Space Explosions"


Your homeworld has been destroyed and all that's left is this doomsday device sent on a hell-bent path to destroy every alien thing you can in your path. Each section is split into multiple levels as you destroy things to salvage items in order to further your destruction progression. Eventually your craft will turn into a deadly machine shooting arrays of bright lights into the illuminated space around you. Aside from destroying just alien crafts or planets there's also many massive asteroids floating about which give bonuses. The whole aspect of just going around blasting everything or exploding planets was awesome. There's also the beautiful environmental graphics and scenery which just looked fantastic. That mix of explosions, bullet fire and ships was quite a view to behold. The music in the background also adds great to the atmosphere making a very unique experience. I didn't have a terrible amount of difficult taking out any areas or bosses and the transitions to new areas was smooth. It was a greatly executed space adventure with a straight forward story based on destruction.


Heckabomb is a traditional twin stick space shooter with some glorious graphics. This being mixed with a great background environment and audio creates the perfect space flying atmosphere. Movement and shooting was very smooth with hit detection also being well done. Everything felt massive in scale while retaining to a focused battle ground.

Heckabomb PC

The Conclusion

This is one amazing space game with a decent objective. The focus on having a blast destroying things and enjoying the visuals definitely pays off. I do wish however that we perhaps could have gotten some side endless survival game modes or something in addition to the campaign. It definitely seems like somewhat of a one-off experience. Though for price and everything else considered this is a great game to play. Just remember to enjoy those grand planet explosions as you jet off into the distance.

Heckabomb for PC
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Rating Overall: 8.4

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner