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Tiny Troopers Review

"Mini Soldiers with Big Guns"


Guide your squad of tiny troopers in 30 missions that will test you on all sorts of strategy. Whether that be a simple enemy clear, destroying an enemy bunker, rescuing hostages or assassinations. Your literally small squad will have to do it all. Of course there are a number of things available to boost the success rate. The levels have a fair difference in variety and each give you a differing objective. Each one is also littered with extras from intel to dog tags or bonus helpful items. You also have a heads up map to view and make strategic progression towards based off of the changing terrain. Finally within your game hud you have the ability for support drops that are purchasable that may also change the battles in your favor. In between levels there is also the option to select a number of upgrades of even extra characters to help within the next mission. With all this help available you must be able to coordinate it all on the changing levels in order to succeed with the objective. Will you place your squad in a specific area to shoot or blindly fire standing in the open. Remember to keep your squad alive as they level and gain experience to kick more ass!

Tiny Troopers


A simple point, click and hold to spay game. Move and place the troops strategically for the best effect in this manner to complete objectives and move on. Also use items such as grenades or rockets for extra damage, finally the terrain looks nice and the levels each give a differing challenge/design.

Tiny Troopers

The Conclusion

A simple game to play with an interesting set of characters to control as they destroy enemy troopers. Features a fair length campaign, though doesn’t really have any extra modes for after. Of course you can always move to better your scores and get the gold star, there just isn’t anything to keep you there for long afterwards.

Tiny Troopers Box Art

Tiny Troopers for PC

Rating Overall: 7.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner