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The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 5: No Going Back Review

"A Game of Choices"


From the start of this episode and just the season in general, I knew that this would be a definite changer for everything we know. I'll try my best to keep this spoiler free while still discussing the many deep choices that were made this episode. Many will complain about the direction of a story, and I was just glad that Telltale allowed use to have our say when it all came down to it. Argue all you want, but those final choices and decisions all directly were affected by a choice you made. What I find great about this series, especially present in season 2 is that it's a story you watch. You watch and you input conversation that splits the game on separate paths. Even as a young girl Clementine carries the weighted emotion that cripples a divide in all events that progress. At this point she may very well be the strongest female lead characters in gaming and I want to see her grow in this story into the future. I'm at that point where taking up another character doesn't make sense and that when she's finished I might as well be too. Back onto story, things were quite rough this time and heartbreaking as I knew what was going to happen. Not in a predication sense where I knew exactly what would occur, but that this would be the end for so many. I tried my best to save those I could and when it all came down to it my choice was the determining factor for whom I would carry forth with. It's a game of choice with the narrative following the path that I inflict course towards.


At this point the section doesn't make as much sense. Though I put it here as a spot that all PC Games have on the site. The graphics follow an artistic approach and environment was perfect this time on. It captured a desolate landscape with only minor issues in textures that bugged me. Controls felt well in what it allowed me to do and some choices sucked, yet had to be done.

The Conclusion

A perfect way to end an amazing season, I felt the last episode was only a bit lackluster in leading up to this ending. I loved the choices I made, even if it spelt doom for those I cared for and that final decision changes my whole perspective on what needs to be done at times. Forcing me to pick something I wouldn't in a real situation for the good of the character I was playing as. Really do hope that Clementine is safe for a bit in the future so that we can see the full development while growing in this apocalyptic wasteland. One final thanks to Telltale for sucking me into this amazing season with the review pass and look forward to future adventures in this world.

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Rating Overall: 9.6

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner