The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4: Amid the Ruins Review

"It all Crumbles"


What started off for a great start began to wane off as the episode progressed. Easily the weakest episode of the season it still does an interesting job of moving the storyline forward while winding the group around. There will be death and there will be awful decisions for you to make during the course of the episode. Now to this point we have had a stellar season with crazy things taking place and this calmed everything down to a point so that we could have what I'm guessing is an epic conclusion. Lines have been crossed throughout this episode with some crippling lines being drawn between the group. This being the fact that we have a pregnant lady, crying kid and a couple broken individuals with Kenny acting just broken. For some reason as Clementine we are tasked with trying to patch everything up to keep people going, but bad things were going to happen over the course as you could get that feeling right from the get go. Happenings were slow in this portion, though the parts that were exciting just brought heartbreaking decisions in as I was left in horror of what I chose. There wasn't the shock and awe of the previous better ones, it just sucked making some choices in regards to whom I thought would be left in the group. In particular I was warming up to the Jane character as she was developing until that reached some random sway. By the end of the fade to black I fear exactly what will be going on in the finale as the gunfire was deafening.

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It was much more cinematic driven this time around with only minor walking around in order to scavenge for things. The choices within those was well done, it just seemed like I wasn't given as much playtime compared to the usual. Everything else looks the same, but some moments the scenery was way better to view than previously. There should be shock for all and story will turn along with many deaths to be had.

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The Conclusion

This was by far a weak episode, though it does progress our story. I just didn't get the same chills as I had received in previous parts this season so that was disappointing. The choices were rough as usual, but the pressure was even worse as they were more direct in terms of death. It has been a great season so I was assuming at some points things wouldn't be quite as good compared to the others. I only hope this builds towards a crazy ending as we move towards what I assume will be a third season with new characters as our group has trimmed down a lot over the course of Season 2.

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Rating Overall: 7.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner