Pixel Puzzles: Undead Z Review

"Dead Walk, you Solve"


At first I looked at this and was surprised by the title along with the premise of the game. From there I started constructing this puzzle that I had selected from the tier level that was available. When the pieces appeared and were floating through the air I of course went to building it as you always do for puzzles. Build the edges and then work towards the middle, until I released far too late that the little soldier I'm also to play as was getting eaten alive. It's this extra element of distraction that mixes up exactly what you're focusing on which makes it great. Waves of zombies come at differing times is a rather great mechanic which I would neglect at times when I was dead set on getting that puzzle finished. This was a great evolution for puzzle solving as it provides a mystical feel while having an addictive method to the process. Grabbing puzzle pieces out of the air to solve these creepy zombie styled puzzles was awesome. Of course as you continued to finish the various puzzles you would unlock higher tiers which only seemed to minimize the pieces as par with the regular real life puzzle difficulties.

The Conclusion

It's a great idea and a definite direction for puzzles to go. I would suggest doing other areas as it provides a great casual gameplay experience that tasks you with multiple objectives. It's a great combination of balancing soldier resources and getting that puzzle solved while zombie waves charge on. From grenades to ammo make sure you don't get too distracted on one task while ignoring the other. This zombie pixel puzzle solver was great fun, had interested puzzles pictures and unique shapes available. A great casual experience for killing spare time.

Pixel Puzzles: Undead Z for PC
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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner