Ampu Tea Review

"Cup of Tea?"


Sadly at some point I got decent at controlling these weird array of games that let you control a hand as you do some sort of weird mundane task. This time around we are attempting our best to make a cup of tea in a very British environment with our robotic arm. The concept itself is actually quite funny, but damn I just can't get too excited about these games. It will entertain you for a bit, but honestly there just isn't anything to it. From there I'll go on to say that I don't even know how to make tea so I just threw some things together, then sometimes I got mad and just destroyed things. Ya you can just swat that robotic arm around taking out mugs, sugar cubes or even a random horse head. That's just how these games play, the environmental graphics were actually great and well detailed. It paired great physics with the creation of tea, so that's something. The cups will break, cubes will fly and the horse head will soar through the air.

The Conclusion

You have a robotic arm, you make tea. So therefore you're an ampu tea. I quite question why this British individual just doesn't use their other arm or get someone else to do this as it's a bunch of fuss to make tea. If you like those weird hand games like Surgeon Simulator or that Baking one, this is the game for you. Others will most likely not get too much enjoyment out of the title, but who knows. Be wary not to knock your hand extension piece off and best of luck making your tea. Or, you can just smash over the table in anger for an achievement.

Ampu Tea for PC
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Rating Overall: 4.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner