Project Root Review

"Evolution of a Classic"


When I was younger, or well quite young I used to play this game where you would fly over an area while just blasting away along with trying to dodge a many missiles. Project Root really emulates this old style of gameplay and updates it for a modern feel of the game. The game is strictly limited to a campaign which is limited in size and can be finished fairly quickly though difficulty is added to compensate for this. That's one of the complaints I had was that at times the enemy force was overwhelming for my flying even at the lower difficulty. I did enjoy the whole aspect of being able to bomb land enemies and fire away at the various air enemies. There are a couple of levels within the game that break down into a number of missions from which you fly around a fairly vast amount of land. These range from clearing piles of enemies or destroying some sort of ground base. They were interested and did have enough variety that they were fine. It was also nice to have a bit of a story rolling to the side, though I would have preferred a more video style instead of flat imagery with text as that could get distracting while piloting. The environments were great looking with a couple of differing seasonal spots that were filled with smaller things going on in them. It was a nice effect seeing depth to level below even if we are placed on this plain of movement. From the many bases, to tree lines or massive chasms that could be seen around. I enjoyed the overall story and the character themselves were interesting enough.


Project Root places with the over the top angle and actually the aircraft does move around quite well. It was a lot of fun just blasting away at the landscape with the missile/laser gun combination. With one of course covering air with the other focused on land, it was just fun covering the map with explosives. There are also powerups to grab that will help heal your lives or bonus missile strikes. The movement was well done in combination with the shooting, while also seeming to have great controller settings available. Could be great on a console, just saying.

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The Conclusion

Capturing a classical element of gameplay from a game I loved a long time ago was nice. Seeing large explosions and destruction from the elimination of enemies was greatly satisfying. Project Root will give a great time and provide some time to play. It may not have any side things to it, but you will get a good campaign playthrough if you're looking for a bit of a challenge. Great graphics, great movement.

Project Root for PC
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Rating Overall: 6.8

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner