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Orcs Must Die! 2 Review

"All Orcs Must Die!, Again!"


Another Rift has opened and the sorceress has escaped through it to come face to face with our returning mage hero from the last game. Now together they will work together to slaughter hordes of Orcs that rush in wave after wave to die. Of course this time around you can tell that the game is well focused on the coop experience with single player gaining somewhat of a spike in difficulty, yet a good challenge that is well welcomed. So basically killing orcs all the time takes away the ability to learn other skills so the mage is now a miner, and this is where most of the slaughter takes place. Kill wave after wave of the various rushing orcs that are for the most part unique and have a very interesting look to them as if you have gone more savage. Doing this requires a variety of tasks where you manage how traps are placed, and yes there are a ton more traps for you to choose between that do basically anything. Along with placement you must also manage your own movement throughout assisting where it is needed. You of course have a budget to work with so strategy is key, of course you can collect more through traps and the amount of involvement in the level. Each map has some additions or free traps that can assist your killing from mine carts to flame pots that are very welcome. This time around the story itself has far better development with a strong connection between the characters adding some extra interesting pre-game talk. This extra layer to the intense strategy of tower defense is awesome and makes the experience much more fascinating. I did find that the levels this time around were fewer in number, but made up for that plenty with the extra amount of enemies in each level extending a level to high intense lengths. When you finish a level though at that length it is very rewarding and you feel very accomplished.


The awesome addition of coop is well welcomed, definitely something I felt the original should have had and I can say that it is truly awesome slaying orcs as a team. You guys can of course choose any combination of players for killings. Set traps with communication being key, you can of course see what each other have and make plans for each level with slightly changed waves.


Another edition that makes alot of sense to is a mode where you sit and fight seemingly endless amounts of orcs. This is available for select maps and can be done in single or coop. It is a neat mode that adds many hours to the game trying to complete the large intense amounts of waves. One truly awesome addition is that of the moneybag guy, which does no harm, but is stacked with juicy amounts of coin for those who can kill him.


The game runs smooth, feels like everything they had in original with tons of enhancements to what I would say is an almost perfect game of strategy linking tower defense and player involvement. Kill orcs, tons of orcs.

The Conclusion

Orcs Must Die! 2 is awesome, a refreshing game that has brought the original up to another amazing level. There are more enemies, new levels and tons of more ways to slaughter the tons of orcs you will face from traps to amulets. Enjoy the interesting story with all the charming comedy from the original, now with a friend. All requests have been fulfilled and killing the hordes of orcs has never been better. You won’t come across many games that are this amazing and fun to play.

Orcs Must Die! 2 Box Art

Review Done on Orcs Must Die! 2 for PC

Rating Overall: 9.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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