The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 3: In Harm's Way Review

"Quite a lot of Action"


As always, spoilers are at a minimum. When we left our crew last time we were being driven and marched down into some unknown area without any knowledge of what is to happen. After my squad faced a good loss of numbers there are some high tensions with this new evil figure and emotions running wild. Trust is still in the group, but really it will take a little bit to get everyone together to actually escape this complex that we have ended up in. I don't know if by the end of this chapter that I felt everything went by in a quick rush of adrenaline. They very well could've stretched this out, but they're telling the story and at this point I trust their mild guidance. I say mild as it is really open for us to explore and interact with the world how we feel as Clementine. Now she got a huge upgrade this time around with a fantastic new jacket! I mean it's really quite something and hilarious with everything else going on around. Now onto the tale where we are stuck in this stock building that is filled with supplies and really cut lines as we begin to quickly learn the many horrors surrounding the area. Few can be trusted, but on that note we are given an interesting new set of characters to join our squad. I actually really like the look of the new squad already as we of course had to lose some more this time to close the spaces and I was given little time to learn about these new tougher individuals. Though I especially like the new female character as she seems distant and really aggressive. This episode is also somehow a lot more graphic and violent this time around as hands will be chopped, people will fall from roofs along with zombies of course being eaten. There was a ton of action happening and I am quite interested in where it goes from here.

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Everything looks great and runs fine with the storylines only getting more complex as things advance. The pace was a bit quicker this time around, but worked out in the end. There really wasn't payoff in suspense and everything got real dark this time again. Other than that it was fierce and tense gameplay.

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The Conclusion

Another fantastic episode as this season continues on. It may have felt rushed to past this point already as I thought it would be more of a pivotal place. Even with the treatment of the overall boss and his effect on the group was quite quick. It was neat to choose to watch a dark event and really tested how far I wanted to see how The Walking Dead would be able to go. Yet again it was another great episode in the second easy and I can't wait to see how the squad connects and moves forward from here, I mean at this point our squad is really getting thinned out. At this point some are missing, some are alive and some are dead, the only question is whom squished through the zombie horde the best!

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Rating Overall: 9.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner