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Endless Space Review

"Tons of Endless Space"


Pick your race and begin your own tale within the Endless Space. Well you basically pick your settings and universe style, from there you go about your made universe advancing technologies and colonizing worlds. Each skirmish you play becomes your own story as you develop your technology and lands. It really is an interesting system having to balance tech development within its weaving circle in various areas that will affect how you are able to go about the game. Focus too much on colony tech your military strength could fall behind. For me it was really interesting seeing my space empire grow through colonizing and then scrolling out to see all of the different things happening. Everything is presented in a simple, but neat design that makes everything look advanced with an eye catch. From within your colony you can choose an exploitation and from there build ships or eventually colonize the other planets. You then take your fleets around, ya you can group them to sway around scouting, defending, attacking or colonizing. Combat is actually really intense and has a mini sequence where you can choose differing moves to fight with. It then goes into a scene of ships battling, you could also choose to do an automatic attack, yet that is just not as fun. There are also events that happen, well aside from meeting other races, but these are things like a plague or finance collapse that hurt economies. Which is a neat extra layer in the overall scheme of what is going on, it is turn based if you didn’t know and it definitely gave off a vibe similar to Civilization with a faster pace.

Endless Space


Basically takes the same style of the skirmish or campaign and adds real life enemy players to verse in the same game. Of course real people play differently and you must be ready to adapt more quickly to the smarter enemy.


Feels very much like Civilization, but all in space with endless areas to advance through. It was really exciting using the somewhat easy to learn interface in exploring my star system. It is wondrous growing your faction to be massive and have control of many different areas of the universe.

Endless Space

The Conclusion

Endless Space feels like an awesome journey you take with yourself in an interesting universe. Play AI or real people and attempt to win the game through any unique style you choose. The best fun though is seeing all the turns have paid off to create a glorious society spanning many planets. If you play Civilization you will somewhat feel at home, but it is faster paced and has a slightly out of world feel. Everything in the game has a sick look and detail to it, it really is a game you can play for hours making countless adventures.

Endless Space Box Art

Endless Space for PC

Rating Overall: 8.4

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner