The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2: A House Divided Review

"Group Divisions"


Yet again I will be attempting to keep spoilers to a minimum for this review of the second episode in Season 2 of The Walking Dead. After the events of the last episode and where you have chosen to land yourself is about dead on where things pick up. It provides a weakened time for Clementine, the young now tough girl you are playing as which must make some quick moves to escape the situation. This entire episode revolved around some rough tensions and a much slower reality where the impacts were felt very quick. From the entering of a strange man into your house to later portions where there is large divisions amongst the group. It was really focused on taking this mini squad of survivors and heading somewhere else with them. This brings you to some scenes around a bridge, a ski lodge and even seeing a familiar face. Things get really edgy when you are somewhat divided between these two groups of people and must decide how you are to approach this division and which alliances to build. From there things go crazy and there are a ton of very quick decisions that directly impact the very lives of the group you are a part of. I would say it is best for anyone playing to make definitive choices beforehand of whom you want to be around as it gets ugly real fast and prepares us for a deadly next episode that will really change the dynamics of this series.

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Everything in the game played smooth, was easy to move through and really had no issues. The puzzles were not too difficult though I was quite in question of using the Q for mashing and at times there were some parts where it was frustrating when trying to freely move through the environments. Everything seemed to place me right in there scavenging and seeing the choices actually make and effect in what was going on. Really not much to add here since the last time.

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The Conclusion

Once again building to a cliffhanger this episode was quite more focused on getting you to make decisions to shape the rest of the season. Whereas the first was about survival and setting up the tale, this one will really trail off your story in multiple directions. There will be times of death, harsh decisions and you will not have the luxury of time in these situations. I'd have to say this was way better than the previous episode though I'll rate a tad lower based on more tension this time compared to the more emotional sense brought out by the first episode of this season. Pumped for the next episode as things are about to get real crazy and I'll add my previous review below to read if you missed it.

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Rating Overall: 9.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner