Broken Age Act 1 Review

"Time, Space, a Combined World"


The first point and click adventure from Tim Schafer in how many number of years was absolutely stunning. Broken Age is a cross story of these two complete living opposites of one living within the constraints of a ship that is seemingly up above in the stars. To this peaceful living people that are under the constant fear of this unstoppable monster that has posed death for a many years. It is by some sort of chance and amazing combination that these two stories are intertwined together and actually allow for you to switch between at any point. Personally I decided to play through one side and then the other where I felt that created a more straight-lined story for me to experience. I went originally with Shay's story which is the one taking place aboard this strict living environment space ship of which he is coddled to the upmost of extremes. Shay is obviously bored with this life he is living and eventually begins to take notice to breaks or cuts within this perfect world that is run by a computer (mother) controlling every aspect of what he does. Meeting a mysterious figure accelerates the journey of his life and nothing is what it seems across this space ship, you will begin to realise a certain things as it progresses for a fade to the other story. Vella a young woman that is of age for sacrifice to this monstrous beast is not happy with the situation. Awakening under a tree you gain a small glimpse at her family and then see a character develop that aims to strike for change. Her journey is far more mystical in the sense that it takes place in these crazy environments with some interesting puzzles between. After a chain of events you will get the chance to take it to this beast for one of the most annoying cliffhangers for Act 2 that I have ever seen

Broken Age


Everything looks and plays amazing. The detail of these graphics is just stunning with no issues or problems as you progress. For some that love point and clicks there may not be many puzzles that are too challenging as it is neatly presented in a more story like feel. On a side note I usually hate this genre, but have been warming up to its unique and amazing storytelling which is only possible here. Tools are fairly simple and exploration is definitely encouraged for progression, best advice would be to enjoy it all without being hasty.

Broken Age

The Conclusion

Broken Age is an amazing tale paired with great character leads. The voices within the game for various characters has some amazing talent and the story telling is just great. This is a game you don't want to miss out on and I can't wait until Act 2 is added to the game (no extra cost).
Broken Age Playthrough

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Rating Overall: 10

Reviewed by: Jason Stettner

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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