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Sceal Review

"A Picture book"


Sceal is just an absolutely lovely little game designed in the style of a picture book. It's actually unlike anything I've ever seen while gaming and I must see more games like this. You're caught in-between life and death with this Irish folklore story where you explore the effect on those within the island. This is done with simple objectives of meeting people across the few chapters and occasionally painting aspects of the world to continue the story. It's a lovely tale with an amazing world. As you fly through the world it shifts with certain aspects such as houses or trees popping up and down as you go. It's incredible actually with such a charming world that is perfectly brought to life. Despite being condensed and styled like a picture book the world is also very lively with day and night cycles along with occasional weather variants. The story was also enchanting with three distinct endings to encourage replay to see them though disappointingly the game was very brief. I finished my first run of the game in about thirty minutes time and I'm unsure that everyone would want to replay it all just for a different ending.

Sceal Game PC

The Conclusion

Sceal is absolutely beautiful and I definitely would love to see this unique art style used in the future. The world feels very lively and is further fueled by the great soundtrack that carries the game through. It's very disappointing that the experience was so short, but it was a sweet one. This will for sure be a memorable game and it's worth the brief, yet lovely playthrough.

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Rating Overall: 6.5

Reviewed by: Jason Stettner

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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