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Top Games of June 2014

Getting halfway through July here at this point, finally got up the best games from June 2014 available here. Will also note that during these summer months there really aren't too many large scale releases.

Lifeless Planet

A game featuring grandscale exploration across the dunes of this lifeless planet from which you have crash landed on. Simple mechanics and a deep story.

Lifeless Planet Review

Worms: Battlegrounds

Blow up the enemy Worms in a number of varios ways on the next generation version of Worms! Destroy the environments and take the battle online with clans.

Worms: Battlegrounds Review

Sixty Second Shooter Prime

Never would have imagined that such a simple game would be so addictive. Even got my father playing it from which he calls it Asteroids, games a lot of fun under 60 seconds.

Sixty Second Shooter Prime Review

Another World 20th Anniversary Edition

Older than myself, Another World hits that 20th Anniversary mark and we are given a beautiful classic to play. It really has quite the story.

Another World 20th Anniversary Review

Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition

This is the Ultimate Edition of Zombie Driver with even more zombies, missions and levels for you to drive while slaying the undead. Looks great on the next generation and is packed with side modes.

Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition Review

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Article by: Jason Stettner

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