Fat Bunny Review

The Game

This is an endless runner game, or, endless hopper as the case may be. You are a cute little bunny hopping over hills, valleys, and water to collect carrots! The carrots you collect are used as an in game currency to purchase various things. The bigger the carrot, the more you get. Of course, you are able to buy more carrots with real money via in-app purchase. You are able to use your carrots to buy new skins or various temporary buffs.

The theme and Bunny have a simple, cute, 2D design. The more you hold down on the screen, the higher and farther the Bunny hops. However, if you hold down for too long, he will start to turn purple and return to default size. If you land on a slope, the bunny will turn blue and tumble off the screen. After being asked if you want to continue from the previous spot via payment of carrots or watching an ad, you will then be brought to the game over screen. The theme colours change occasionally on their own, which is a nice touch to prevent getting bored of seeing the same one. The terrain changes each time, so you aren’t able to memorize how to get through. The lack of a timer between hops is great because you won’t be under pressure; Thus making the game pretty relaxing. The jaunty music gets annoying after awhile, but is mutable via the settings menu.

Fat Bunny IOS

A simple, cute, colourful endless “hopper” which is fun, but relaxing at the same time. It would be nice to play while waiting or for downtime. Overall, it’s a great free game that won’t need any purchases to be enjoyable.

Fat Bunny for Android
Note: At the time of review, this app is still in development. Things mentioned may change once the app is released. The reviewer felt the game was in close enough shape it could be covered for a review.

Rating Overall: 8.9/10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Grace Betancourt