Harvest Moon Lil Farmers Review

The Game

Harvest Moon Lil Farmers is a mobile take on the franchise offering a simple and fun activity filled game for kids. It's directly aimed at the younger audience with colorful cartoon graphics and easy to understand instructions. In the game your goal is to fill orders from inside the house and you do this by growing or collecting items. There isn't much to it quite honestly and I desired more of a reward system, but I can see little ones enjoying it regardless.

The game plays out basically like a series of mini games where you take care of the farm. The first thing to do is grow crops, you pick your seed and then water or fertilize it as icons pop up. Another tasks is dealing with chickens, you'll need to collect their eggs after throwing them in the air. Following that is sheep, you'll need to sheer them. The second last activity is washing/brushing your horse because you need a noble steed. The final thing you can do is milk the cow for milk obviously.

Harvest Moon Lil Farmers IOS

That's about it in Harvest Moon Lil Farmers aside from some small little things you can do like feeding the chickens. There isn't a ton of depth, but the younger audience probably doesn't care about that. They'll like gathering crops or supplies and then filling the order. You have to prepare the meals yourself while taking order tasks from the people that show up in the house. It's a simple system and while I wanted more from it, it works fine as a simple game. The music is lovely, the graphics are true to the Harvest Moon series and it's an enjoyable little game.

Harvest Moon Lil Farmers for IOS
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Rating Overall: 7.2/10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner