HERO Unit: 911 Dispatch Review

The Game

Take on the role of a 911 Dispatch operator and guide a variety of unique cases to safety or possible complete disaster. It's an interesting concept as you play in a text based style within a chilling environment where your responses dynamically alter the endings for each case. There's a decent selection of cases available in the game with multiple endings present so you can replay them after completing the first run through for alternate options. This adds some replay value, but personally I would have liked to see more as I was right into it for the entirety of the experience. My first go of all the content was only about 25 minutes of time which while fine, left me with a desire for more. The quality of HERO Unit is great coming up with a wide selection of fascinating stories, it just all ends too abruptly.

Cases vary from what might seem psychotic to calm people and even a couple friendlier ones. You're never quite sure what's going to happen and it's best to come up with an approach for general use. The game is simple in design as it's based around reading the call which is displayed on screen through scrolling text and responding with your selection of the given choices. It felt professional, had a clean interface and presented some chilling stories. These stories gain extra impact through the news articles you can read after each call as some things can go from a friendly call to straight all out crazy aftering hanging up or being hung up on.

HERO Unit: 911 Dispatch IOS

There was certainly some great potential for HERO Unit and I'd still suggest checking it out despite the brief time as I did enjoy playing it. The game certainly had my full attention for the first run and there's the option for replaying segments in order to get a better ending or even one that is satisfying enough. The interface and design of the game was smooth presenting its text in a clean way. I would have mostly just liked to see more content here as you're sitting there in some disappointment at the end, thinking that's all?

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Rating Overall: 6.5/10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner