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The Game

Feel the beat in Akihabara, a rhythm based Tetris-like game where you need to match up lines of shapes by swapping them out on the beat. It's an interesting and unique design that's backed by some solid tunes that each sound distinct while also offering a heavy hit so you can time your swaps. There's a campaign to play through which has a set playtime of 30 minutes where you progress through the various songs and a Midnight Mix which is unlocked by the completion of the campaign. You can also just freeplay the game by hitting up the single track area to just play any unlocked songs. There are ten tracks present in that area with each having a separate identity not only with the song, but also the shapes and the backdrop. This has a neat effect when you're in campaign and transition between songs as it completely mixes it up. The game can be somewhat difficult as you attempt to swap the shapes to the beat in order to remove lines, but isn't too hard and allows you to learn patience to time things correctly. I'd also suggest playing the game with headphones on as well since it sounds rather nice and is probably best for timing the hits correctly.

Akihabara IOS

Akihabara brings a selection of songs that each provide a unique play and a number of modes to enjoy them on. You can aim to get the best score or just even play to the music. It's got elements of Tetris matchmaking mixed with the rhythm play of Guitar Hero/Rock band which works well. I enjoyed playing Akihabara and it definitely does provide a few hours of gameplay to enjoy or more if you're aiming to get the best scores.

Akihabara for IOS
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Rating Overall: 7/10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner