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The Game

Link Twin is a lovely game that follows two siblings as they make their way out in the world, one wants to head back whereas the other is determined to reach a destination. The two usually attempt to hold hands with small chuckles or other little interactions being present when they are close. There are small cutscenes threaded throughout the narrative that help tell the simple story while the main focus of the game is the puzzle elements. Split into five chapters you play a wide selection of levels in each that bring fresh takes on the existing formula. This is a natural progression as difficulty increases towards the end of each chapter and then starts out slow or well easier again as you're introduced to new mechanics. Most of it was simple with logic based puzzles though some could be quite difficult and in each chapter you also get a few solve hints to help out. The two siblings are for the most part stuck together and you need to have them reach pods to progress. This is done by manipulating them in the world against boxes to change their alignment, rolling snowballs to assist or even later using teleportation.

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I found that the puzzles offered great variation and enough challenge to keep you interested while moving through the fairly lengthy game. The length of the experience does vary based on your puzzle solving performance and if you're attempting to get the best score by solving the puzzle closest to par moves as possible. The world looked great keeping a minimalist style while also being charming to an extent and backed with some soft music. The story wasn't anything crazy, but a nice way to tie the puzzles together in what was an intriguing title. There's great value in the game as it provides a soft, yet challenging world of which you guide these two siblings along.

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Rating Overall: 8.5/10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner