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This is actually quite an interesting take on the whole destroy the world type game that's similar to Plague Inc except you're raising the global temperature and causing disasters. It's also somewhat terrifying to think of the world getting destroyed by global warming, but at the same time I completely forgot about that because the world needs to burn. At least, that's what my objective here is and that's achieved by investing in certain industries in order to raise the global temperature. Once a certain threshold is achieved you'll unlock disaster points that can be used for devastating effects such as causing droughts or burning up the landscape.

There's also a bit more to the game such as inciting wars within near destroyed cities or fighting back against humanity's carbon-capture progress. This is achieved by silencing the places that events to raise awareness happen or just plainly carefully selecting your investments and not getting too greedy. The game presents a world globe that you can swiftly move around with key cities across the globe to destroy. I was also pleasantly surprised by the quality of the globe though I would be cautious of your battery while playing. Each continent has investments and there is a selection of scenarios to tackle. These are decent, but I did find it difficult to get things going and I wish there was also just a plain regular sort of situation where you just have a sandbox approach to global warming.

Carbon Warfare IOS

Carbon Warfare was definitely an impressive title, particularly if you're a fan of decimating the human population or simulation type games of the same sort. It's got an interesting set of available strategies and you'll need to think critically in order to pick the best paths. While some opportunities may fuel your weather, others might offer a better way of doing so without gathering the attention of the poor humans. It was also strangely satisfying causing the destruction since you can essentially light areas on fire and terrifying at the same time considering the message this game was conveying. It's something different for sure and it provides a new look at global warming which is something that will only be discussed more as time goes by.

Carbon Warfare for IOS
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Rating Overall: 7.8/10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner