Vikings: An Archer's Journey Review

The Game

Vikings is a lovely looking game featuring a soft environment that's paired perfectly with the soft sounds. The characters trot swiftly across banks of snow in this endless runner while also integrating archery. Not only are you attempting to jump over obstacles, foes or even breaks in the world. You're also attempting to take shots at the various enemies using a bow presenting a different type of endless runner. The two work in combination as you collect an overall score and attempt to get further within in the world. It does feature some great variation if you do get into the longer runs, but this is difficult and having to reset each time can be frustrating for those wanting to see everything the game has to offer. With these points you unlock more vikings to use as there's a wide roster to choose from, but event the starter character is very unique. You'll also come across power-ups occasionally and these cause some interesting effects within the world appearing as small stones to collect.

Vikings: An Archer's Journey IOS

Vikings: An Archer's Journey looks stunning with crisp and distinct environments that are paired perfectly with soft audio. Each tap of the vikings step on the ground was enchanting and it felt smooth when you would fire off arrows at the enemies you were running by. It's a bit simple in design despite having the new spin on an endless runner and the difficulty is a bit off-putting. That aside this is a splendid take on the genre and a very well put together experience.

Vikings: An Archer's Journey for IOS
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Rating Overall: 7.4/10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner