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The Game

In Harvest your goal is to collect crops by doing an endless runner game. The crops you grab while running down fields get stored on the icon in the farm and then sold at the market after the noted corner time has elapsed. This aspect could have been a bit clearer as I did initially wonder why I couldn't sell things right away. This actually works out in an interesting way as you can simply play it quick and then come back later when the timer runs out instead of investing large portions of time at once. I would imagine your time would grow with how many crops you have, but it doesn't demand constant attention and is nice to pull out on the occasion.

The endless runner plays out with your character moving through the field hitting the crops, jumping over objects and most of all out running the combine. There are also power-ups to collect while running including a magnet to suck up out of range coins or a mower to storm down anything in your path. After you finish selling the collected crops you can either upgrade the allowed yield for the fields or build new crops and buildings. I found the initial launch selection of crops or structures to build to be plentiful with some fun variation. You can grow things such as regular corn, bananas or structures such as a billboard for extra market income.

Harvest IOS

I also found the art of Harvest to be rather lovely looking sharp and featuring minimalist menus that worked well. It was easy to get things going and aside from the selling portion found it easy to grasp. There are also challenges to complete in the runs for bonus coins and a good selection of things to build on your farm. I enjoyed playing Harvest finding it to have a good selection of content available and that it was a fresh idea for a mobile title. It was actually surprising jumping into it as I thought it was more of a farming simulator and it was instead much more unique.

Harvest for IOS
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Rating Overall: 7.5/10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner