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The Game

A New Life is a game about starting a new life whether that be a random male or female. The goal of your new life is to live it however you'd like and the options to influence that are shown as two graphic blocks. These images are simple with a bit of text underneath them to describe it. This could be anything from choosing to eat and item or to go adventure somewhere else. Things start out quick during youth with many items quickly showing up whereas the later years seem to just skip along. Aside from the blocks you'll also get things such as big life moments or special events that randomly pop up through the years.

The system works well and while it may feel like things are a bit repetitive the more you play, the more variety of choices you see. I would have liked a bit better end game type area as it tries its best to kill you or the game just ends at the average life expectancy in the United States. There were also times where choices were a bit of in comparison of each other and random events that didn't quite match. These were mostly few in appearance, but I thought it was odd to have a heartbreak yet be single as an example. The game also has a full list of traits which some re-roll options and after a few plays you'll know which areas are most important to longevity.

A New Life IOS

A New Life works well in that it goes to great lengths to include multiple sides of a person's life whether that be in identity, key points and what you would do in a regular life. It would have been nice to see more large events show up, but again for the scope it has enough content for multiple plays. After your life there's a scoring system based on the three aspects of that life including happiness, experience and legacy. The game also has some interesting audio that covers events well, but I opted to mostly have it silenced. I also wanted to give a great mention to how clean the game was in regards to text and imagery, quite smooth. A New Life is definitely an interesting experience if you'd like a quick simulation of someone else while working for the best life scores.

A New Life for IOS
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Rating Overall: 7.2/10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner