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The Game

Defend Your Turf is a game based around controlling a squad of gangsters out there to defend their turf. It's a strategy type game where you can control them individual, in groups or as a whole. After the selection of troops you can have them collect tools on the battlefield or just go straight in with fists. Tools include items such as trash cans for armor or pipes for attack weapons. While it sounds simple having the AI just fight it out there's quite a bit of strategy involved as enemies can take out large chunks of health. It could actually get frustrating at times in those ever close battles, but that just required a refocus of efforts. There were also some issues with the combat system as well with AI consistently not being sure where to go in for the attack and instead would just do circles. This was annoying as the goal is to take enemies aside from gang-up on them, but that was impossible as at least one troop would get lost. I also felt that troops should stay selected after initially being picked up as I sometimes wanted to send them on paths and it was annoying to reselect for each move.

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Defend Your Turf presents an interesting concept in regards to strategy, but the execution of the troops attacking doesn't function well. This in turn breaks down the whole experience and causes great frustration. In a game where the focus is on using everyone to break the enemies down bit by bit it doesn't work well enough. It's also rather simple in design following the same area and just changing the amount of enemies or occasionally having a truck pull in. This is of course just for the free area as it does open up a bit more once you get into the paid for section of the game. I will also mention that it does provide a fairly good amount of free levels to grab your attention with a fair amount of ads popping up after every few levels.

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Rating Overall: 5.5/10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner