Hyper Blaster Review

The Game

Hyper Blaster is a streamlined and simple twin stick shooter that really only lets you fire or run away. While that might sound odd for the type of game it is, this works rather well adding a layer of extra skill. Playing as this cubic pixel creature you move around brightly colored arenas taking out the hordes of black blobs moving towards you. These creatures come in a variety of forms ranging from mini quick creatures to larger slow spheres that hauntingly creep forward. Around the map you'll also come across power-ups which will greatly assist in battle and these appear periodically. A larger variety of them will begin to appear on the map after playing for a bit and scoring points to unlock things. It's one of those push for better scores to unlock better content type games and that works well. It's also very sleek in design featuring an array of bright colored worlds that switch each playthrough and charming creatures running around. The menus are also well done being simple and I found that ads were never too annoying when playing.

Hyper Blaster IOS

I would have perhaps liked to see a bit more depth with some other modes thrown into the mix, but the challenge of the arena and variety of colorful worlds might keep players going. I also want to mention that I liked the audio in the game as it matched the combat well and provided a good backdrop to keep everything tense. It's an easy going title that's sleek though don't let that fool you as it can be challenging, especially if you're looking to unlock more features. This includes things such as a hyper mode, extra power-ups and new characters to play as. Hyper Blaster is a decent mini shooter game that should grab some of your attention if do decide to check it out.

Hyper Blaster for IOS
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Rating Overall: 6.8/10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner