Microsoft Wordament Review

Microsoft Wordament Mobile is the latest iteration on the original word finding game. I loved the initial style and that's largely retained going forward. When Wordament first launched it was just a multiplayer title featuring endless selections that everyone competed in. It was fast paced and generally great, that's been carried forward though just as a side mode here. That original multiplayer returns as a part of it and that's fine.

We also get a map based single player style area where you work through challenges aiming to gain three stars. It's nothing too amazing, but there's a pile of levels to playthrough if you'd like to. With that, there's also a daily challenge that will certainly test your skills. Limited letters with special gems and tight constraints to work within. The visuals are generally fine here being simplistic, yet fancy. I did notice it's a bit slower in terms of swiping due to certain "upgrades" and that can be annoying to deal with.
Microsoft Wordament Screenshot IOS
Microsoft Wordament mobile is a great way to get creative with words while retaining that original style you might have loved. It's all back and with more content to it. They don't evolve it too much, but that core formula is gold. I like the idea of the maps, just wish there was something more extra to it. It plays well, there are so many words and themes to work through.

It's quite addicting as you're just being creative to find what you need. You can rotate, swipe in all directions and form so many words. It's great as a bit of a learning tool in terms of remembering words and creating them by swiping the letters in a line. I've really enjoyed this and it's a solid follow-up that expands the original, hopefully we see Snap Attack return again as well someday. A final note is that it includes Xbox Achievements.

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Microsoft Wordament Review on IOS

Rating Overall: 7.5/10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner